How do you want to go on holiday?

Into the mountains or rather to the sea?

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Hiking holidays Mallorca Finca-Walking Charme-Hotels

7 Days | Self-guided tour
Switzerland / France

Cycling holidays ViaRhona 1: Geneva - Lyon

8 Days | Self-guided tour

Discover Switzerland

Fascinating encounters with the locals

Active travelling, be it on foot, by bike or in a canoe, is always synonymous with being close to the land and its people.

For many of our guests, encounters with the locals and getting an insight into their way of life are among the most beautiful experiences. Therefore, our routes not only take you through fascinating landscapes, but also always lead you to the people who live there.

Specially selected accommodations for active holidaymakers

Our accommodations are as personalised as our routes: no impersonal "hotel bunkers"; what we offer are homely and charming accommodations that are full of panache.

We always choose them with care and deliberation, keeping the special requirements of active holidaymakers in mind.

Detailed travel documentation and route descriptions

Where do I go? Thanks to good route material, you will never need to ask this question. Our detailed and well-prepared travel documentation and route descriptions help our guests orient themselves easily while travelling.

For cycling routes, marking arrows indicate the direction at each bifurcation.

Travelling to the most beautiful places

It is important for us to be able to offer our guests the most beautiful routes.

That's why we work extremely carefully on all routes, checking them every year, improving wherever there is scope for improvement and developing new routes that offer even more insight into the land and its culture.

Organised from A to Z in every detail

Our guests don’t have to worry about anything; we organise the entire trip for them: from a detailed welcome address, detailed travel documentation and route descriptions, luggage transport from one hotel to the other to a 24-hour service hotline.

Our guests just need to do enjoy their trip!