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A place to relax and re-energise

It is important to us to offer our guests a soothing and pleasant atmosphere in their accommodation after an eventful, often strenuous outdoor day. They should feel comfortable and be able to recharge their batteries. We endeavour to book quality hotels, inns and guest houses that provide all this. We select your accommodations with care and deliberation and value traditional, charming and small houses. While making your bookings, we like to rely less on big hotel chains and more on family-run hotels, where perhaps even the owner himself cooks in the kitchen. Authenticity, warmth and a cosy atmosphere are more important to us than luxurious knick-knack.

Thanks to our broad range of travel offers, we can book accommodations starting from tents to rooms in 5 ***** hotels. Every now and then, and especially on trekking tours, we accommodate our guests in chalets in multi-bed rooms with shared shower/WC, sometimes without shower. Here too, we obviously try to book homely and comfortable cabins for you. On camping sites, we prefer an atmospheric place by the river or lake.

For our winter tours, accommodation options range from rooms in 4 **** wellness hotels to mountain inns. Again, we work towards offering the most authentic adventure possible. An evening by the fireplace in a simple wilderness hut can be just as relaxing as a comfortable hotel room. The nights in these accommodations are a unique experience.

Our different categories

Accommodation on the ship

On our bike & ship tours, the riverboat is your floating hotel. Most of them are middle-class ships with a cosy panorama saloon, spacious sun deck and comfortable 2-bed cabins. The standard of service on board corresponds to that of large river ships. On our sailing trips, modern sailing yachts with double cabins are your temporary home. Here, too, we attach great importance to a cosy, informal atmosphere.

Cyclist family bid farewell to the owner of the B&B by being the guests.

Accommodations for families

Our accommodation options vary depending on the type of family trip. Be it in a hotel, in a hut, on a straw mattress or in a tent: our accommodations are tailored to the needs of families. Many lodgings have a playground or a playroom.

Cosy room at Hotel Gut Steinbach

«Hiking with charm»

On some of our hiking trips, you can enjoy our extremely charming accommodations with the label «Hiking with charm». These are select hotels with special extra facilities and can range from a lovingly run country home brimming with panache, a small country manor to an erstwhile ship master's house from the 16th century with outstanding hosts.

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