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The small kingdom of Belgium lies in the heart of Europe and borders on the North Sea. The country is flat, except from the Ardennes in the south with the Signal de Botrange (694 m) as the highest altitude.

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City of Gent

Exciting towns and idyllic villages

The densely wooded Ardennes with their romantic river valleys and villages are a popular region for hiking and cycling tours.

The cities form an exciting counterpoint: Antwerp, the city of Peter Paul Rubens, Ghent with St. Baaf's Cathedral, the world heritage city of Bruges, the pearl of Flanders and, the Venice of the North, as it is called because of its many canals. Not to forget the capital Brussels with its many museums, the beautiful art nouveau houses and the baroque Grand Place, where more than a million flowers are arranged into a huge carpet of flowers every year in August.

More than just Moules and Frites

The country, which has a French-speaking south and a Dutch-speaking north, is home to Romanesque and Germanic cultural heritage, which is reflected in its cuisine. Belgium is much more than just moules and frites, i.e. mussels and fries - which admittedly are very tasty.

The influence of German cuisine can be seen in the Eupener Bierwurst, a sausage made from beef and pork and a dash of beer. Sophisticated Belgian cuisine, on the other hand, is characterised by French cuisine. But Belgians also enjoy stews, such as the Flemish Waterzooi with vegetables, fish or chicken and some crème fraîche. Belgian beer tastes simply delicious with it.

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