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Captivating islands, glittering lakes and long summer nights

Sweden is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Its enchanting, untouched nature, its abundance of water and its archipelago gardens make it a paradise for nature and outdoor enthusiasts both in summer and winter.

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Fishermen's huts

Islands and lakes as far as the eye can see

Almost 222,000 islands lie off the coast of Sweden. On a paddle tour you can see seals and white-tailed eagles. While a large part of Sweden is flat to hilly, the Scandinavian mountains rise at the border to Norway. A mix of Sweden's landscape diversity can be found, for example, in the popular holiday region of Värmland.

The south has a beautiful archipelago, and there are more than 10'000 lakes, the river Klarälven and a lot of forest in the middle. Finally, there are mountains in the north. Lynxes, wolves and brown bears also live in Sweden. Of the 30 or so national parks, the majority are in the mountains. Muddus National Park and the Store Mosse National Park are two important wetlands.

Kings's Palace in Stockholm

Historical Charm & Jansson's Temptation

The royal summer castle at Lake Mälar near Stockholm is a UNESCO world heritage site. The Viking settlements of Birka and Hovgarden, the decorated Hälsingland farmhouses and the arctic cultural landscape of Laponia, where the Sami people live, are also part of the world heritage.

Sweden's cities are livelier than the lonely north. The capital Stockholm inspires with its historical charm and modern sights. In Malmö you can admire the Öresund Bridge and the Royal Park. There is a lot going on around midsummer, when the solstice is celebrated. Just as fascinating as the long summer nights are the northern lights that wander over the night sky like coloured curtains of light.

Red deer, salmon and moose figure on Sweden's menus. Jansson's temptation is a Swedish speciality: A casserole of root vegetables, onions and marinated anchovies, cream and milk.

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