Bike and boat in the Czech Republic


A paradise for hikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts

The Czech Republic enchants with its beautiful landscapes, unspoilt nature, historic towns, castles and palaces, world-famous spas and excellent cuisine.

Our Active holidays in the Czech Republic

Lots of variety for outdoor sports enthusiasts

The landscapes of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park or the Boubin primeval forest in the Bohemian Forest seem fairytale-like and like something from another world, while the Punkva caves and the crevices of the rock town of Adersbach in the Moravian Karst are adventurous.

The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Dolní Morava is more Mediterranean. The Czech low mountain ranges such as the Ore Mountains, the Bohemian Uplands and the Beskydy Mountains offer idyllic and less touristy hiking destinations and beautiful panoramic views from their summits.

Throughout the Czech Republic, hikers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts get their money's worth. Rafting tours on the Morava River, cycling tours on the Elbe cycle path along the Elbe or the Bata Canal and tours by bike or on foot along the fairytale lakes in the Bohemian Forest are popular.

Charming towns and Bohemian cuisine

Castles, chateaux and towns with enchanting historical and modern buildings cast a spell, breathe a romantic atmosphere and at the same time pulsate with life. Brno, Pilsen, Harrarov, Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázn? - many of these places enchant with historical and modern spas and thermal springs. Finally, Prague, the city on the Vltava River, captivates visitors with its charming city centre, the Jewish quarter, the magnificent castle and the romantic world-famous Charles Bridge.

Here, as everywhere in the Czech Republic, you can enjoy regional delicacies of Bohemian cuisine in cafés and restaurants, such as soups, roast pork Bohemian dumplings and, for dessert, plum or apricot dumplings - of course with grated curd cheese, poppy seeds and lots of icing sugar.

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