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Naturally active

Our commitment to a healthy environment.


"Natürlich Aktiv" or "Naturally Active" - this name stands for the future of Eurotrek. Under this name, we are building a more sustainable future also within our company. From the coffee in the office to the material for the travel documents to the vehicle that transports our guests' luggage - step by step, we are moving forward with clear goals in mind. You can find out all about these on this page.

Swisstainable certification



We have taken the first steps in the right direction and committed ourselves to preservig our environment. Within the framework of the «Swisstainable» sustainability programme of Switzerland Tourism, we have already achieved Level 1 "Committed". We have implemented the following measures:

Our measures at a glance

Catalogue in digital format

In addition to our printed catalogue, we also offer it in digital format. Since many customers take advantage of this offer, we are saving a considerable amount of paper.

Arrival by public transport

For every hiking, cycling or biking trip, our clients receive a promo code worth 10 CHF per person from SBB, the Swiss federal railway company. In this way, we are encouraging our customers to travel to and from the hotel by public transport, hoping that this will motivate them to leave their cars at home. 


We try to keep our waste in the office to a minimun. We thoroughly separate unavoidable waste, such as plastic, and dispose of it properly.

Natural Energy

We use mixed electricity from EKZ for our office operations. Part of it comes from our in-house photovoltaic system. This gives us the certainty that our consumed energy is produced from 100% renewable resources.

Reducing our paper consumption

For internal office operations, we use recycled paper and only print what is necessary. The rest of the paper we use is FSC-certified. Compared to previous years, we have been able to reduce our paper consumption enormously.

Digital travel documents

We provide our travel documents predominantly digitally. This allows saving valuable resources and ensures producing less waste.

Organic and fair-trade coffee

We get our coffee in the office from a coffee roasting company in Horgen called Seehallen. It is organic and fair-trade quality, and is roasted locally.


Fresh fruit and healthy snacks are essential for a good day at the office. We source these regionally and in organic quality whenever possible. In addition, food waste doesn't stand a chance with us.

Reusable tableware

We use reCIRCLE reusable tableware for our weekly lunch. This saves us hundreds of disposable packages every year.

Sustainble commute

Most of our employees come to work by bike or public transport. In addition, our employees can regularly work remotely and thus save on CO2 emissions.

Planned future projects

Carbon neutrality

In the course of 2022 and 2023, we are working on a partnership with ClimatePartner to be able to offer our trips in a carbon-neutral way. We would also like to offset the carbon footprint of our office premises as soon as possible. Our sustainability project group is constantly working on new goals, of which we would like to implement at least three measures per year. Our goal is to be one of the pioneers in the industry in this regard.


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