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Active holidays in Portugal

A nature paradise for hikers and cyclists

Portugal in the south-west of the Iberian Peninsula is divided into a less touristy, green and somewhat rough north and a Mediterranean south, the Algarve, famous for its beaches covered with cork oaks and olive trees.

Our active trips in Portugal

Paradise for hikers and bikers

Its beautiful coastline and varied hinterland make Portugal an ideal hiking destination. The beaches of the Algarve and the only official national park in the country, the Peneda Gerês with its healing spring water, the natural pools of waterfalls suitable for swimming and its freshwater lakes are popular hiking destinations. The lakes of the national park are also popular with water sports enthusiasts for sailing and kayaking.

Cyclists also get their money's worth in Portugal. On the coast you can cycle with a sea breeze on your face and a view of the Atlantic Ocean. On the other hand, tours on the two long-distance cycle paths lead to the green heart of the country, where you can still experience the completely original Portugal, for example in the Coimbra region. Mountain bikers get their money's worth in the Algarve with its coasts and hills, as there are playful, fun endless trails here.

Charming capital city

The port city Porto is a pearl in Portugal, which unjustly stands somewhat in the shadow of the capital Lisbon that lies further south in the country and is popular with tourists. Porto lies at the mouth of the Duoro to the Atlantic Ocean. A charming promenade with pretty cafés, fascinating old and new bridges, historic quarters and modern architecture and a quarter with large port wine factories offer visitors a lot of variety.

Island with a wide variety of flowers

Those looking for spring in winter will find warmth, sunshine and endless possibilities for outdoor activities on the flower island of Madeira. The majestic mountain world is perfect for hiking up to the archaic peaks, but also along the Levadas, the almost horizontal irrigation channels leading along the edge of the slope, which are wonderful for walking. Bikers prefer the infinitely long, flowing trails down to the sea. The shuttle is mostly responsible for the ascent on the island with the steep, long mountain slopes. A bicycle tour around the island becomes a real pleasure with its help.

The charming capital Funchal is worth seeing and good for surprises. Not only is an emperor buried here without a heart - the heart of Emperor Charles I, who lived in exile in Madeira, is kept in the Habsburg family tomb in Switzerland - you can also glide down in an exciting basket sled from the Monte villa quarter to the city centre here.

View down over flowers to Porto da Cruz and the sea
Franziska Widmer

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The most beautiful active holidays in Portugal

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