Our luggage transport

At Eurotrek, you can travel carefree without having to carry any heavy luggage.

Just pack a small daypack for a relaxed tour - and yet you will not have to miss out on the things you need. During the day, our trustworthy elves transport your bags to the next accommodation, where the luggage awaits you upon arrival. You can rely on our perfect and experienced organisation skills.


Here's how this works:

By 9 am, you can leave your labelled luggage at the hotel's reception. During the day, the driver will take the luggage to the next accommodation, where it will be waiting for you from 6 pm onwards.


On trips conducted by us, there is no limit on the number of luggage items. But on some of our outsourced tours, you can carry only one or two luggage items per person. Please observe a weight limit of 20 kg per luggage item on all our tours.

Prisca Jaisli
Do you need help with your luggage? Please get in touch with us. We are glad to help.
Prisca Jaisli, Eurotrek AG
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Luggage transfers in Switzerland

If you like to plan your trip individually, you can also book a luggage transport with us.


CHF 45 per person and stage (min. two persons respectively at least two pieces of luggage)
CHF 15 reservation fee per person (max. CHF 60.-)  

Information about our luggage service

  • The suitcases must be placed at the starting point by 10:00 am. The parking fees at train stations are at your expense. (usually CHF 12.-).
  • If a  cable car is necessary for the luggage transport, the additional costs will be charged. 
  • Luggage will be delivered to the next hotel every day until 18:00. During the tour the suitcases must be available at the reception by 09:00 am.
  • The suitcases will be labelled with luggage tags. These will be provided by us.
  • We transport one suitcase per person (max. 20 kg)
  • All accommodations must be informed about our service. During the day, our drivers will pick up your luggage and take you to the next hotel.
  • The maximum distance is 70 km for a bicycle tour and 30 km for hiking tours. For longer distances, double the rate per person will be charged.

Please get in touch with us if you have questions about this service.