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Active holidays in the Netherlands

The land of tulips and canals is a paradise for cyclists

The Netherlands is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. And not just because of its windmills, tulip fields and canals. The small country is incredibly diverse. The landscape is characterised by the element of water.

Our active holidays in the Netherlands

Beautiful beaches and tulip fields

The Netherlands borders the North Sea with great coasts and beaches in the west and north. The North Sea islands of Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog with the widest beach in the Netherlands and Friesland are popular paradises for bathing, water sports and nature.

If you want to combine a beach experience with tulip fields, Noordwijk on the North Sea is the place for you. The seaside resort of Zandvoort is not far from Amsterdam. The beach and nature reserve offer many outdoor activities. The sunny region of Zeeland with its fantastic beaches, idyllic seaside resorts, historic villages and picturesque harbours lies in the estuary delta of the Rhine, Schelde and Maas on the south coast.

An El Dorado for outdoor sportspeople

Almost a third of the area of the Netherlands is lower than sea level. The struggle of the people against the water has created the characteristic dikes and green polder landscapes.

Other heaths and the largest forest in the country can be found in the Veluwe. It is an El Dorado for hikers and cyclists. Veluwe also has the national parks De Hoge Veluwe and Veluwezoom. The most famous windmills in the Netherlands are those of Kinderdijk near Rotterdam, which are UNESCO world heritage sites.


Holland’s cities are worth a visit

The capital Amsterdam is known for its cosmopolitan flair and charm. Museums, historical sights and the famous canals inspire the visitors. The Hague, the cosmopolitan city by the sea, enchants with its historic centre. Rotterdam with its imposing skyscrapers is a magnet for lovers of modern architecture and art.

Among the culinary delights of the Netherlands are poffertjes, a kind of small thick pancake served with butter and lots of icing sugar.

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The most beautiful active holidays in the Netherlands

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