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A dense network of cycling routes spans the whole country. The routes often follow waterways and canals or run along the coast. Picturesque villages, water gates and bridges, windmills and tulip fields delight cyclists along the way.

 And it is all the mre fun when the wind blows from behind. Whether Noordwijk on the North Sea, the sunny region of Zeeland with its fantastic beaches, the Ijsselmeer, the Rhine cycling route or Amsterdam with its enchanting canals - cyclists are welcome everywhere in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam, the bicycle city

Amsterdam is not only the capital of the Netherlands, but can also be called the bicycle capital. In hardly any other city are bicycles as present as they are in Amsterdam. This is mainly thanks to the extraordinarily well-developed cycle paths. But if you need a break from the saddle, the numerous sights such as the canals, museums and the cosy flair can also be experienced by foot.


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