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Questions & Answers

Here you will find answers to the most important questions about our active tours. Please contact us if your question is not in this list. We will get in touch with you.

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We would naturally be very pleased if you find a suitable offer on our homepage.

You can book with us by phone, email or via our homepage. We also collaborate with various specialists abroad, with whom you can book trips at the same prices as us in Switzerland.

We recommend that you book a trip as early as possible, especially if you are starting your trip during school holidays.

Spontaneous people are welcome as well. Please take note of the following points:

  • After a certain point in time, trips can no longer be booked online. Nevertheless, get in touch by e-mail or telephone whether a desired trip can still be booked. 
  • It is important to us that everything works out well during your trip. For this reason, bookings that are made less than three working days before your arrival will no longer be processed. That way we can guarantee that there is enough time to organise your trip.
  • For bookings that are made five working days before arrival, an express fee of CHF 50 will be charged due to the higher shipping costs of the documents and the greater effort involved. 
  • Short-term bookings can only be settled by credit card. 

Not all our programs include a return trip. This allows you to customise your trip. You can take advantage of the special offers of other tour operators on charter flights, which will reach you to your holiday destination cheaper and faster.

You have the option of booking low-cost scheduled flights online or having a travel agency organise your return trip.

Many of the destinations on offer are also easily accessible by train or car. We would also be pleased to help you plan your return trip; just get in touch with us!

The following websites can help you plan your trip:


The following information is important if you want to book your arrival via Eurotrek:

Train tickets

Many starting points of our trips can be easily reached by train. To book these tickets, visit an SBB railway station near you or obtain the tickets directly from the website of the respective state railway.

Air travel

For your arrival by plane, you can book cheap scheduled flights directly with Eurotrek. Check out our pick-up service as well: We pick you up from the airport, give you a detailed briefing about your trip and transport you to the starting point of your tour after a night’s stay in the Greater Zurich Area. You can book this additional package for CHF 80.00 per person (number of participants: min. 2 persons) for each trip.

Low-cost flights

For some time now, well-known airlines have also been offering low-cost flights. Their prices are usually below the official scheduled flight prices, especially when bookings are made well in advance. You cannot book low-cost flights with Eurotrek. Also note that cheap fares are usually associated with inflexible cancellation or rebooking conditions.

We therefore advise you to be careful when booking on discounted tariffs and to book only after we have confirmed the in-country services. Particularly in case of low-cost flights, an annual travel insurance policy from Europäische Reiseversicherung can be of help because it also covers fees charged for rebooking low-cost flights.

We work with a selection of accommodation in each stage location, which is booked according to availability. For this reason, we specify a category for each trip in the price table. You can request lists of our standard hotels in advance so that you can see which accommodation we have planned for you (subject to change). Please contact us in good time if you wish to make any changes.

Further information can be found in our accommodation overview.

We deliver each suitcase personally and therefore always know where your luggage is. Special delivery times apply at the beginning and end of your tour to make your arrival and departure easier (luggage drop-off on arrival by 10.00 am, return on the last day by 5.00 pm at the latest). During the tour, please leave your luggage at reception by 09:00. We will deliver it to the next stage location by 18:00 at the latest.

Further information can be found in the luggage transport overview. For capacity reasons, 1 piece of luggage of max. 20 kg is permitted per person. 

Our luggage transport is our trademark and our most important service, which our luggage drivers put their heart and soul into realising for us during the summer months. We are committed to our partners and friends and therefore only offer selected hut tours without luggage transport.

Children's rates can be requested for all tours. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to put together an offer for you. Children's prices are already published for our special family tours.

Please note that the published children's prices are based on 2 adults and 1 or 2 children in the same room. If you are travelling in a different constellation, we will be happy to calculate the correct children's rate for you.

We welcome single travellers. We have very few trips in Switzerland that require a minimum number of participants. This condition is mostly for your own safety, as undertaking certain tours in the alpine region alone is not advisable.

Apart from the single room surcharge, there are no additional costs for single travellers. And it is here in the charming chalets of Switzerland that one quickly meets like-minded people.

Our customers are active people aged 20 to 75. The average age varies depending on the tour and activity. In general, guided bike tours on simple terrain tend to attract an older audience.

Trekking or biking tours in the mountains are often booked by younger guests.

Don't feel too old or too young to be on a tour! You can participate in our tours if you are physically fit and want to experience an adventure. And it is these age differences of participants that give birth to interesting conversations, enabling an enriching exchange!

Basically, yes. Of course, we try to maintain our relationship with the weather fairy, but we cannot guarantee good weather. We therefore recommend:

Be prepared for cooler temperatures and rainfall and pack appropriate clothing.

If there is a chance of endangered safety due to wind and weather, we will inform you about alternative routes or changes in the program. In case of doubt, you can also contact us at any time on our service hotline to discuss concerns or the current weather forecast.

Like you however, we will also hope that the sun shines during your holiday....!

You are welcome to do so on most of our tours. In some cases however, this is not recommended because transporting your bike would cause considerable additional costs (e.g., arrival by plane or long train journeys). You shall be responsible for the transport of your bicycle. We cannot assume liability for damage to the bicycle during return transport.

All our bike tours offer the option of renting high quality bicycles. Have a good trip!

Most important are always your personal belongings - clothes, in which you feel comfortable, personal medications, possibly a special homemade snack.

Additionally however, there are also items that are important or even indispensable, depending on the type of tour. When planning the trip, please take a look at our travel checklist, which is also available on this website. You will also receive a detailed equipment list with our recommendations along with the travel documentation.

We recommend that you take out a cancellation insurance for all trips. For legal reasons however, we can take out travel insurance only for those customers who are domiciled in Switzerland.

If as a foreigner, you need medical assistance in Switzerland, then you would usually need to make an advance payment. Your insurance company will reimburse the costs later. Switzerland has an excellent healthcare system, but it is not cheap. Please make sure that you have adequate insurance cover before you arrive. This should provide cover for cancellation costs as well as an SOS protection package for accidents in Switzerland.

We usually send the documents three weeks before departure. Before sending the documents, Eurotrek must be in receipt of the full tour fare. If airmail is needed for sending your documents, you will receive a PDF containing the most important information before your trip. All other documents will then be made available to you at your first hotel.

Please note that we send the documentation packages only once per booked room. If you need additional material, please let us know directly at the time of booking.

The travel documentation that you will receive varies from program to program. Often, you will get most of it (maps, route books) on site at your first accommodation; you will receive it on arrival.

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Do you have any further questions? Get in touch with us. We would be glad to help.

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