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Jura & the Three Lakes region comprise the Jura arc, Solothurn, High Rhine and Baselbiet as well as the regions of Lake Biel, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Murten. The extended hills, plateaus and valleys of the Jura enchant with their romantic valleys, hidden gorges and caves, panoramic mountain paths and peaks. From Belchenflue, Passwang and Weissenstein in the north, you can see all the way over the midland to the alpine range and northwards to the Black Forest and the Vosges.

The hilly landscapes of Baselbiet and Solothurn look particularly attractive when cherry blossoms bloom and conjure up dashes of white on the green landscape. The Rhine with its wetlands, sand banks and afforested shores is also nature’s special paradise in the Basel region. Smaller rivers such as the mysterious Doubs and the quiet Lucelle in the border area with France are equally enticing.

On the French border and to the north of the Jura, lies the beautiful hilly landscape of Ajoie, followed by Franches-Montagnes with its mysterious moorlands, isolated, imposing pine trees and grazing horses. The natural pond Etang de la Gruère is one of the most beautiful gems of nature.

The Chasseral mountain of the Bernese Jura is the undisputed king, while the horseshoe-shaped Creux du Van is situated between Doubs and Lake Neuchâtel in the Neuchâtel Jura. Its imposing rock face drops precipitously into the Areuse Gorge. Lac de Joux is located in the Vaud Jura, and one can enjoy a fantastic view of Lake Geneva and the Alps from the peaks of Chasseron and Le Suchet.

The Bernese Seeland, which was once swampy and has now been drained, is the heartland of vegetable cultivation, while the lakes of Neuchâtel, Biel and Murten are important for tourism. While Seeland and the Solothurn and Basel regions are characterised by a relatively mild climate, winters can get quite cold in the Jura mountains. La Brévine in the Neuchâtel Jura is considered to be the coldest place in Switzerland.

Gorgeous countryside in Jura


The Roman town of Augusta Raurica, the largest archaeological park in Switzerland, is one of the most famous sights in High Rhine. Rheinfelden is not far away. Switzerland's oldest Zähringer town enchants with its beautiful old town and picturesque location on the Rhine. Liestal, Laufen and, of course, Basel with its cathedral, town hall, over 180 fountains and its four Rhine ferries also have beautiful city centres.

Equally charming in the Jura canton are St. Ursanne, with the four-arched stone bridge over the Doubs, and Porrentruy, with its quasi-French charm and the Foucault pendulum that make it a special tourist magnet. Further south are Neuchâtel, Murten, Biel and Yverdon-Les-Bains, which was popular even in the Roman era because of its thermal springs - all of these bewitch with their lakes and southern flair.

Solothurn, with the impressive Cathedral of St. Ursen, is the most beautiful baroque town in Switzerland and has one of the most charming river promenades in the country. The Solothurn Film Festival is known beyond the Swiss borders. Last but not the least, there are two natural sights in Jura: the 1000-year-old arched oak tree of Delémont and the largest stalactite cave in Switzerland near Réclère.


The Basel/Solothurn cherry regions are known for many specialities made of cherries, such as the Chriesiwähe and the Kirsch. Basel is not only famous for its Läckerli, but also for its gruel, which is traditionally cooked during the carnival. Onion soup is also very popular, as is the Alsace tart.

Ajoie sausages and the prince-bishop pie, which is a meat pie, are among the best known treats. Various popular cheese varieties originate in Jura, for example the monk's cheese Tête de Moine, the Chaux d’Abel and the Vacherin Mont-d’Or. The lakes and rivers offer fresh fish to catch and the many sunny vineyard slopes, especially those on steep banks in the Three Lakes region, produce excellent wines.

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