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A region that has something to offer to everyone!

The Region of Fribourg is one of the most diversified regions in Switzerland. With the warm lakes in the north, cool mountains in the south and the city of Fribourg at its centre, the Region of Fribourg has several assets in hand.

A river flows under a bridge

The landscapes of the Lake Murten region and along the southern shore of Lake Neuchâtel are gentle: idyllic biodiverse and protected shores, sandy bathing areas, steep vineyards and fantastic views of the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss and Fribourg Alps (La Gruyère region) herald an idle vacation.

The center of the region of Fribourg, where the cities of Fribourg and Romont are located, is very extensive and offers fascinating river landscapes and gentle hills.

Sun sinks behind the lake of Fribourg

The Fribourg Pre-Alps encompass high and green hills such as Schwarzsee and the Breccaschlund, an alpine valley cut by glaciers thousands of years ago. From Schwarzsee, with its wild and romantic natural lake, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding Pre-Alps. Along with wide panoramic views, the region also offers impressive plunging views: the spectacular Jogne gorge in La Gruyère region is still an insider tip for many. Finally, the striking Moléson is an outstanding landmark of the Fribourg Pre-Alps. From its peak, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire region as far as Lake Geneva, the Mont Blanc, the Jura and the Berner Oberland.

Picture of a hiking group in the mountains at sunset


The list of charming villages in the Region of Fribourg is long. Many of them have marvellous historical Old Towns. Gruyère with its medieval castle or Estavayer-le-Lac with its 12th century Savoy castle and its Gothic collegiate church are true gems.
The medieval town of Murten, which is idyllically situated by the Murten lake, is still surrounded by an almost completely preserved city wall, the longest walk-in wall in Switzerland.

Pedestrians crossing a bridge to a castle

The Old Town of Fribourg fascinates with its 15th century Gothic façades, beautiful and ornamented fountains and the St. Nicholas Cathedral with Art Nouveau windows. A wonderful panoramic view of the city is awaiting you from the top of the 74-metre-high bell tower. At the Espace Jean Tinguely - Niki de Saint Phalle, which was a former tram depot, art lovers can view the works of this famous artist couple. And if you are looking for something extraordinary, you can take the unique waste water powered funicular.

You can also admire the reconstructed prehistoric pile-dwelling settlement in Gletterens. Or, if you are a water lover, you can try the one-of-its-kind "Cable Ski" in Estavayer-le-Lac

A couple sitting on a stone staircase with a view of a city.


The Region of Fribourg is a culinary delight with a wide range of regional specialities. One of the best is the world-famous fondue moitié - moitié, a mix of Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP and Gruyère AOP. 

Other specialities also include the chocolate from the Maison Callier, the Gruyère double cream and the typical soup de chalet, which is still eaten using a wooden spoon.

By the lakes region, you can eat delicious food made from freshly caught fish such as fillets of whitefish or perch. Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy a Vully Tart or a Nidelkuchen with a Vully wine.

A couple are sitting in a garden restaurant enjoying a fondue and a glass of wine.
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Are you looking for an active holiday in the Region of Fribourg? We will certainly have the right offer for you!

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