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Central Switzerland

The cradle of Switzerland

Central Switzerland is the geographical heart of Switzerland. It is located to the north of the Alpine ridge and combines many tourist highlights of the country in one small area. Its lakes and mountains have inspired poets and painters to create great works of art and have always been the tourist attractions that they are today.

Rigi, Pilatus, Bürgenstock, Stanserhorn, Grosser and Kleiner Mythen surround the picturesque Lake Lucerne, and, a little to the south, the Urner Alps and Gotthard rise to the skies.

An idyllic and sometimes wild landscape of lakes alternates with more rugged yet equally fascinating scenery at higher altitudes. Cows graze on lush green mats, while alpine choughs soar high above the mountain peaks.


Central Switzerland is Switzerland’s cradle. Many of the historical sites are attractive spots for tourists, especially the Rütli, the Tellsplatte, the Hohle Gasse and the Tell monument in Altdorf. The Swiss Path, a hiking trail around Lake Uri, passes the first two historical sites. The Federal Letter of 1291 has been preserved in the Federal Archives in Schwyz, while the Schwyz Town Hall has fascinating murals depicting scenes from Swiss history, such as the Battle of Morgarten.

The Devil's Bridge at the Gotthard is reminiscent of the time when the central Alpine pass was opened up for crossing from the north to the south. The rocky path at the Bürgenstock with the Hammetschwand lift, the highest open-air lift in Europe, is not as old but equally spectacular.

Bridge in Luzern

Lucerne, the city of lights, delights countless tourists from far and wide with its charm every day. The most popular photo subjects: Kapellbrücke, the oldest covered wooden bridge in the world, the water tower as well as the cultural and congress centre built by the French star architect Jean Nouvel.

Many attractions on Lake Lucerne can be reached by boat. The most beautiful is the experience of a boat trip on one of the historic steamboats. Seeing the landscape of Central Switzerland with its glittering lakes from above, almost like the alpine choughs, is possible from any of the peaks in the region, no matter whether you go up by train or climb it on your own.


Central Switzerland has many culinary delights to offer. Traditional dishes include, for example, Ofetori, a potato-based stew. There is also a corn cake with apples and, of course, the famous Älplermagronä, originally an alpine dish made of macroni, potatoes, onions, alpine cream and a lot of grated alpine cheese, which is now on the menu in many mountain inns.

The extra hard cheese Sprinz, one of the oldest cheeses in Europe, also comes from Central Switzerland. The small list of delicious specialities from Central Switzerland is rounded off with traditional dishes from Zugerland, the Zuger Kirschtorte and the Zuger Kirsch.

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