Culinary delight

Culinary experiences at the hiking trail in the Altmühltal

You can feel the wind in your hair, smell the fragrance of flowers and see fascinating landscapes before you: the best way to experience a country or region is to experience it with all your senses. The sense of taste plays a key role here.

Typical local dishes made from local produce, local drinks such as a fine drop of wine from local vines - tasting culinary delights is a wonderful way of exploring a region. Food can often nurture affection. No wonder they say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Popular trips for connoisseurs


Hiking holidays Hikes in Emmental

7 Days | Self-guided tour
From Lucerne to Berne The region Emmental is a lovely area: in between the well-known cities Lucerne and Berne meadows and soft hills build a beautiful contrast to the rough peaks of the Swiss Alps. Over small hills the paths lead away from the hectical city life of Lucerne to the “Napf”, the highest peak in the Emmental. You walk past farms and idyllic villages and along small rivers through silent valleys. At the end of your journey you reach the city Berne, Switzerlands capital.

Cycling holidays Centre tour Lago Maggiore

6 Days | Self-guided tour
Swiss Dolce Vita The waters of Lago Maggiore are sparkling in the sun, couples roam down the Piazza Grande and palm trees grow on the lake promenade: when staying in Ticino, you could easily forget that you are still in Switzerland. When going on this tour you discover one of the longest swiss valleys and visit Ticinos capital, the medieval city Bellinzona. You get to know many sides of the southernmost Swiss canton: close to the Lago Maggiore the landscape is charming and tender, in the Maggia Valley Ticino is wild and defiant. But no matter how you discover this region: Ticino and its Lago Maggiore will put a spell on you!