Round the bend

The Jura Crest Trail is considered the classic among national long-distance trails. Signalization of the route, starting at Zurich and ending just before Genève, beg an as early as 1905.

It links two major Swiss towns and as the name suggests, leads over the Swiss Jura heights. This makes a sweeping arc towards the northwest, so those hiking this trail go a little round the bend – and over the language boundary!


The reward for the steep climb to Höllchöpfli is the views along the high-level hike through forests and meadows.

Passing unusual geological features and many mountain restaurants to the Weissenstein – «Solothurn’s balcony».

approx. 6 h
approx. 20 km
1'175 m
400 m

From the roof of Canton Solothurn, with views across the Jura arc to the Mittelland and snow-capped Alps and on through forests and typical Jura meadows.

The first third is also a Planetenweg (planet path). Language border at Montagne de Romont.

approx. 6.5 h
approx. 24 km
700 m
1'415 m

From the low-lying Schüss Valley to the crest of the Bernese Jura. An almost constant, yet comfortable climb to scale the Chasseral, already seen from afar. Sensational panoramic view with the Mittelland lakes: a feast for the eyes. 

From Chasseral transfer down to Nods.

approx. 6 h
approx. 17 km
1'340 m
270 m

In the morning transfer up to Chasseral where you continue your walk. A varied hike between the upper St.Imier Valley and the Val de Ruz Valley with the winter-sports resort, Le Pâquier (hometown of ski-ace Didier Cuche).

The top of the Vue des Alpes pass is not far from watch metropolis La Chaux-de-Fonds.

approx. 6 h
approx. 20 km
760 m
1'000 m

Enjoy the fantastic panoramic view from the high mountain chain with the Tête de Ran and Mont Racine peaks.

The slabs of the rocky spur provide a breathtaking view down to Lac de Neuchâtel, before making the steep descent to Noiraigue.

approx. 6 h
approx. 20 km
790 m
1275 m

The perspiration at the start of this stage is well worth it: the highlight of the tour is the natural rock amphitheatre of Creux du Van, Swiss equivalent of the Grand Canyon.

From the heights you can enjoy wonderful views on the sparkling waters of Lake Neuenburg. You continue down to Couvet after your hike.

approx. 5 h
approx. 16 km
915 m
420 m
Jura Höhenweg Eurotrek


For the steep ascents a good physical condition is needed. The trails are easy to walk, but they may be slippery on wet days.

The Jura Creat Trail at SwitzerlandMobility

Services & Information


  • 6 Übernachtungen inkl. Frühstück
  • Thorough route guidance
  • luggage transfer
  • Detailed travel documents
  • GPS data available
  • Service-Hotline

Not included 

  • rides with public transport (approx. CHF 10.- per person)


  • free parking in Balsthal at Schulhaus Haulismatt or at the sport centre, no reservation possible 

  • return by train from Couvet to Balsthal, length: approx. 2 – 2¼ h, costs approx. CHF 37.-- per person and ride.

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