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With regions ranging from mountains to hilly landscapes to flat regions along rivers and lakes, Switzerland offers something for every taste and skill.

For example, anyone who wants to cycle effortlessly on the waterside can cycle around Lake Constance, Lake Zug or Lac de Joux. Countless routes along rivers make for easy tours. The flat parts of Rhine, Aare and Reuss are particularly suitable for such tours.

Airolo, Tremola

Those who like slopes can choose from a wide range of hilly to mountainous routes for tours starting from one day to a week, for example Jura, the alpine panorama routes or Graubünden routes. The range of national, regional and local routes is enormous.

On the way, you can take a break in nice cafés and garden restaurants. If you want to quench your thirst quickly, you can fill your bidon with drinking water at any fountain. Bicycles for the tours can be rented at the starting point and returned at the destination.

Franziska Widmer

Are you looking for a biking holiday in Switzerland? We will be happy to advise.

Franziska Widmer

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