Calming waters

Enjoying the great view at Lake Genf

Holidays by one of the many lakes or rivers in Switzerland are an amazing experience. Whether you drive along the banks of lakes and rivers or swim in their waters, there is always a real holiday feel attached to it.

There are over 1,500 lakes in Switzerland. The sophisticated shores of Lake Geneva will enchant you just as much as the tranquil mountain lakes in the Swiss Alps. At times during your hiking or cycling holidays, you can just dip into the cool waters and refresh yourself because the water quality is excellent throughout Switzerland.

Switzerland is therefore rightly called the moated castle of Europe. Some of the most famous rivers originate here; you can travel along these rivers on excellent cycle routes. Romantic beaches, lakeside promenades, well-maintained towpaths, dense reed belts and rich flora and fauna complete the magic of active tours on rivers and lakes.

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