Intensive outdoor experiences

 Walking along adventurous paths

For us, “outdoor” means much more than “outside the door”. Outdoor means to be active amidst nature, to dive into known and unknown landscapes, to roam through forests and valleys, climb hills and mountains, walk along banks and rivers, to look at what’s around the next corner or to look into the wide expanse from the vantage point of a hilltop, to feel the wind in your hair and to smell the scent of flowers, grass, earth and lakes.

For us, outdoor also means experiencing animals up and close, taking delight in known and unknown plants and getting to know more and more people and their ways of life; experiences that are so unique, intense and lasting, that you relive the fond memories for a long time even when you are at home - "indoors" or "outside your door".

Popular tours for outdoor fans


Hiking holidays Jura Crest Trail Balsthal - Couvet TO

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Round the bend The Jura Crest Trail is considered the classic among national long-distance trails. Signalization of the route, starting at Zurich and ending just before Genève, beg an as early as 1905. It links two major Swiss towns and as the name suggests, leads over the Swiss Jura heights. This makes a sweeping arc towards the northwest, so those hiking this trail go a little round the bend – and over the language boundary!