Charming classics

Cyclists on cycle path along the river Danube

Needless to say, we attach great importance to constantly adding new tours to our repertoire. But our classic tours too are as dear to us.

These are tours that we have been offering for many years; they get booked by a constantly growing number of guests, regardless of the new trendy destinations that are coming up. There is little to change in these popular trips, and even if there is, then only in homoeopathic doses! That’s because our guests love our classics just as they are.

Our most popular classic tours


Cycling holidays Rhine Highlights TO

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Lake of Constance, Rhinefall, Basel The impressions you get on this tour fit together like a puzzle: romantic riverside paths, straight as an arrow asparagus fields, cute timbered houses, endless power poles, stoic fishermen, sunburnt salt towers, unsimilar-similar German-Swiss bridge citiesand exciting roman ruins. Ultimately you ride through busy agglomeration past huge production halls oft he chemical industry and cargoships into the tripoint around Basel.