A breathtaking view over the island of Elba.

Hiking holidays in Italy

Mare o monti? Sea or mountains?
Hiking Dolomites with view onto Drei Zinnen

If you walk along Italy's coastal paths, you will discover the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe. One of the most famous regions is the coast of Liguria. The five villages north-west of La Spezia with their colourful façades are known all over the world as Cinque Terre. Hiking enthusiasts will find a well-developed network of hiking trails and coastal paths here.

The trips in the north of Italy are full of wonderful panoramic views. South Tirol is considered one of the most beautiful hiking destinations in the world. The Dolomites have even been included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List since 2009 because of their unique shape. You will experience this unique destination up close in the Brenta Dolomites on the hike from Merano to Lake Garda.

Considering the culinary pleasures, it is clear: The delicacies from the sea taste best at the sea, the mountain delicacies in the mountains. Some tourists are said to choose their destination by the meal...

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