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World-famous long-distance trails are aplenty: from Hadrian's Wall in northern England to the Cotswold Way in the south, from the West Highland Way in the Scottish Highlands to the Thames Path, which takes you to London past watergates, markets and pubs.

Coastal hiking is also popular in Great Britain. For example on Cornwall’s coastal path at the southernmost tip of Great Britain, hikers enjoy fresh sea breeze and stunning views of beaches and the sea. If you like untouched and wild nature, you can choose the Fife Coastal Path, one of Scotland's most beautiful long-distance trails. Its highlights are untouched sandy beaches and bustling fishing villages.

Hadrian’s Wall is supposed to have been built to control the immigration of the Scots and the Irish into the Roman Empire back in the day. Today, the remains of this wall attract visitors from all over the world. The tour leads from Carlisle to Newcastle and is one of the most beautiful hiking routes in Great Britain.

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