Cycling holidays Mittelland-Route for families TO

Cycling: Mittelland-Route for families

Aare & Three-Lakes-Country

The Mittelland Route is perfect for families. Almost car free bike paths lead along the Aare to the famous waters of the Three-Lakes-Country. On your way you will visit neat old towns, discover a stork village and jump into the clear waters of Lake Biel and Lake Murten! A varied and multifaceted week for active families.


One of the most beautiful medieval city centres awaits you in the small town at the foot of the Weissenstein. If you want, you can visit the Verena Gorge, where a hermit is leading a secluded life. 

The tour takes you along the river past the stork settlement in Altreu. Today's destination is the charming farm of the Käser family, where you will stay overnight in a straw bed. Nearby is a branch of the old Aare with an observation tower for bird lovers. 

approx. 20 km

The Aare was tamed in this section with the Nidau-Buren Canal. In the water you can see some power stations and weirs today. You follow the smooth course of the river and reach Lake Biel. There you will set up camp for the night at Nidau harbour and in the evening you can walk to the centre of Biel/Bienne. 

approx. 15 km

Fields of vegetables dominate the picture in Seeland. Since the correction of the course of the river Aare, this area is known as the granary of the country. You follow the Mittelland route, which takes you along the shores of Lake Biel. Small villages with restaurants and lidos are situated along the way and offer you opportunities for short stops. 

approx. 35 km

It's up to you whether you take the direct route, or take the scenic route over Mont Vully. Today's destination is the small town of Murten. It still has a well-preserved town wall on which you can walk around the village. 

approx. 15-30 km

The last tour takes you to the shores of Lake Neuchâtel. Wide belts of reeds spread out before you in this area. From time to time you will pass small fishermen's villages like Chevroux or Portalban. A highlight is the pile dwelling in Gletterens, where huts from the Stone Age have been reconstructed. The medieval town of Estavayer-le-Lac marks the end of your journey. 

approx. 30 km

Tour character

The route is mostly flat and leads through the Swiss mittelland. It is perfect for family bike tours with children. Mostly car-free and on natural field and forest paths. 

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Mittelland Route pour famille TO, CH-NSRAE-07X
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Mittelland Route pour famille TO, CH-NSRAE-07X
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Category: 3 x 3*** hotel or inn, 2 x multi bed room in the hostel, 1 x sleeping in the hay

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