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Hungary is just being discovered by cycling tourists. National parks and nature reserves, enchanting lakes, a series of mountains and the Puszta lowland offer themselves as regions for one-day and multi-day tours.

The Danube delta is particularly popular with cyclists. The Danube Cycle Route leads through quiet floodplain landscapes with castles and palaces, venerable health resorts and towns with baroque splendour from the Austria-Hungary Empire. The three-country tour starts out from Budapest, going beyond the national borders along the Danube to Vienna or vice versa. If you follow the Danube cycling route eastwards, you will reach the Serbian capital of Belgrade.

In the UNESCO World Heritage city of Budapest, you can enjoy the fascinating spa architecture among other cultural highlights - of course live: with a relaxing spa.

Budapest, view of the Pest district with Parliament
Franziska Widmer

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Franziska Widmer

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