Update Corona Virus

Information about the current status in Switzerland


In Switzerland, we have again been carrying out trips since 18 May. Now that the tourism service providers have resumed operations, all tours can be carried out without any restrictions. In certain cities, however, there are changes in accommodation, as some contract hotels have not reopened after the lockdown.

If you would like to come to Switzerland from abroad to travel in the country, you can obtain up-to-date information on entering Switzerland from the Secretary of Migration.

Travellers from certain countries have to stay in quarantine before being able to travel freely within the country. The list of countries for the quarantine is kept up to dabe by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). 

We can postpone your trip against a small fee. As long as trips are not cancelled by Eurotrek, our normal Terms and Conditions apply.

You can rely on us to contact you in time to inform you about necessary steps and your options concerning your booked holiday.

If you can't go on your tour this year and want to postpone the trip to 2021, we will keep your booking pending and get in touch in autumn to inform you about prices and dates for next year.

Travel insurances in Switzerland classify the Corona-Pandemie as Force Majeur and usually don't cover costs that arise due to the current situation.

Guidelines vary from one insurance to the other. We suggest getting in touch with your insurance to see if they can help you.

Get in touch with your airline or with the agency that booked the flight for you. If the airlines cancels the flight, you are entitled to claim a refund.

Online booking portals like skyscanner, e-bookers, etc. have difficulties to handle the high number of requests at the moment. You will have to be patient, if you've booked through one of these portals.

Airlines have now resumed operations. However, since the occupancy rate is sometimes not particularly high, flights are still being cancelled or times changed. For booking flight tickets we can provide the following information and recommendations:

  • Wait as long as possible before booking airline tickets. This summer only a few flights will be fully booked - you should be able to get hold of your tickets close to the departure date
  • It is difficult to estimate the development of ticket prices. However, flight tickets are bound to be more expensive than before the Corona crisis.
  • Check the airline's terms and conditions before booking. Many airlines have hard cancellation criteria. At best, it is worth changing to a more expensive fare, which can be rebooked free of charge.
    Some airlines offer special rebooking or cancellation conditions due to Corona. Please check these before booking. 
  • If a country imposes a quarantine obligation on travellers from Switzerland on entry, some airlines do not accept this as a reason for cancellation. In this connection, check the airline's conditions and, if necessary, speak to your travel insurance company before booking the flights.  
  • If the flight cannot be operated due to the corona situation, the airline must offer a solution (rebooking, voucher or refund). If the flight is operated, the airline's general terms and conditions apply.

Even though we've had to cancel many tours in spring, we've taken precautions to come through pandemic.

During the quiet weeks in spring, we've finalised the preparations for the summer season and have started to work on the season 2021.

In recent weeks we have seen a great demand for travel in Switzerland and have been able to implement many hiking and cycling tours for our customers. 

Furthermore, bookings for the coming months or maybe even for next year are the greatest help for us. If you are planning a trip, we are even more than happy to receive your booking at the moment.

A big help for us will be bookings from your side. If you plan a trip, we are very much looking forward to hearing from you. And if Corona-Virus strikes back and somehow affects your trip, we'll find a reasonable solution for you.

The outbreak of the Corona-Virus in Europe showed us, how quickly things can change these days. If you can, we suggest to wait until the situation has slowed down a bit. We are also there for you, if you questions.


In Switzerland, the spread of the disease appears to be under control for the moment. Public life is back to normal and the enacted restrictions make it possible to travel freely within the country and to enjoy Switzerlands highlights. We've extented our season until the 31st of October for many of our tours. 

The FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health FOPH) gives up to date information about the spread of the virus in Switzerland.