Update Corona Virus

Information about the current status in Switzerland

Corona will be a part of our travel plans in the 2021 as well. Here we answer the most important questions and how you can plan a trip in this difficult situation. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to assist you personally.

Planing a trip

Switzerland started vaccinating people against the Corona Virus by the end of December 2020. We suppose that by spring the most endangered groups will be vaccinated against the virus. This should give some kind of relief to the situation. 

Currently, people don't have to go into quarantine when travelling to Switzerland as long as they don't come from a region / country that has a higher of incidences as Switzerland. 

Persons entering Switzerland from a risk area must present a PCR test and be quarantined. This can be terminated after 7 days on presentation of a further test. The list of countries for the quarantine is kept up to dabe by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). 

If you would like to come to Switzerland from abroad to travel in the country, we recommend that you obtain up-to-date information on entering Switzerland from the Secretary of Migration.

We will cancel a trip in the following circumstances:

  • Travel to a country is subject to quarantine. The quarantine list of the FOPH or applicable restrictions for guests from Switzerland in the chosen destination are decisive for this. 
  • There is a hard lockdown (restaurants and hotels closed) in the country or in the region visited.

In the event of a trip cancellation by Eurotrek, you have the following options:

  • We will immediately refund any payments made for the trip minus a handling fee.
  • You rebook the trip for a later date free of charge.

If Eurotrek carries out the tour and you cancel the tour, the cancellation conditions according to our normal terms and conditions apply. In order to avoid costs in this case, we recommend that you take out travel insurance.

We assume that many trips will be booked at very short notice in 2021. Please note the information on our homepage about the procedure for short-notice bookings.

In Switzerland, there were bottlenecks in hotel availability in certain regions (Engadin, Vallée de Joux) in summer 2020. If you decide to travel in these areas, it may be worthwhile not to book the tour too late.

Airlines struggle with fluctuating load factors and a lack of planning certainty. There is a possibility that booked flights will be cancelled or flight times changed at short notice.

We suppose, however, the situation in the skies of Europe should return to normal in the course of 2021 as well.

As of 08.02., every person entering Switzerland by plane must present a negative PCR test that is not older than 72 hours.

Going on a trip

To be protected against costs in such cases, we recommend taking out travel insurance. Costs arising from illness or unexpected quarantine by the authorities are covered by this.

Also check with your health insurance company so that you are informed about insured benefits in the event of illness abroad.

Anyways, if we have to cancel your trip due to a lockdown or a quarantine when travelling to Switzerland, we will try to offer an amicable solution. 

Vaccinations are not mandatory for the time being in Switzerland. Negative test results are needed if you travel by airplane to Switzerland from some parts of the world. These standards are regularly adapted if the situation evolves. Up to date information can be found on the homepage of the State Secretary for Migration SEM.