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We offer a wide selection of tours in the whole of Europe. They include many classic and bestseller tours on the one hand and many new tours that we keep adding to our repertoire on the other. And lastly, we also have a number of insider tips for you.

We recommend tours that take you on lesser known paths and routes; tours, on which you are far away from tourist crowds, on which you can experience a region in its unadulterated form. These tours have their own special charm and are very dear to our hearts.

We will be glad to help you find out which of our insider tips are perfect for you. Just call us and we will reveal the insider tips that are best suited for you.

Best insider tips


Hiking Holidays Urner cable car hike

6 Days | Self-guided tour
Uphill, downhill between Lake Lucerne and Gotthard At the end of Lake Lucerne, you find the canton of Uri, with its mountain valleys and mountain paths. Charming small towns and villages are nestled into a picturesque landscape at the foothills of the Gotthard massif. A special feature of the canton is the high density of cable cars, which are operated by local families and farmers. In little cabins you daily hover into the height and experience walks with wonderful views without having to overcome a lot of altitude. You walk into the picturesque Isenthal and go up to the Eggberge. After that you walk on the Schächentaler mountain path and visit a typical Alpine dairy in Brunital. This trip shows the Swiss mountains at its best!

Hiking holidays Jura Crest Trail Balsthal - Couvet TO

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Round the bend The Jura Crest Trail is considered the classic among national long-distance trails. Signalization of the route, starting at Zurich and ending just before Genève, beg an as early as 1905. It links two major Swiss towns and as the name suggests, leads over the Swiss Jura heights. This makes a sweeping arc towards the northwest, so those hiking this trail go a little round the bend – and over the language boundary!