Cultural cherry on the cake

Castle Eriksberg

Active tours are much more than travelling on one's own muscle strength. They also allow you to observe and enjoy nature and culture with open eyes.

We therefore make sure that we incorporate cultural highlights in our tours wherever possible, so that you can admire them when you pass by them or pay them a visit. Cultural characteristics, such as the typical windmills of the Netherlands, special architectural style of a historic old town, an unusual museum, a magnificent castle or a traditional market, are the special "cherry on the cake" of our tours and help us appreciate a country or region more keenly.

Popular trips for culture fans


Cycling Holidays Centre tour Lucerne

7 Days | Self-guided tour
Lakes and hills Lucerne is known for the Lions-Monument, the mountain pasture Rigi and the Kappel-bridge. Still, the city has so much more to offer: picturesquely situated on the Lake of Lucerne this city is the gate to the heart of Switzerland, the homeland of Wilhelm Tell and the founding place of the Swiss confederation. Situated outside of the town centre, Hotel Seeburg is the ideal starting point for bicycle tours in this region. You will discover an idyllic landscape with medieval city centers, Switzerland’s impressive mountain panoramas and beautiful lakes. Come and discover the heart of Switzerland – it will amaze you!

Cycling holidays Rhine Highlights TO

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Lake of Constance, Rhinefall, Basel The impressions you get on this tour fit together like a puzzle: romantic riverside paths, straight as an arrow asparagus fields, cute timbered houses, endless power poles, stoic fishermen, sunburnt salt towers, unsimilar-similar German-Swiss bridge citiesand exciting roman ruins. Ultimately you ride through busy agglomeration past huge production halls oft he chemical industry and cargoships into the tripoint around Basel.