It isn’t surprising that some of our tours have emerged as bestsellers over the years. Like classics, bestsellers are tours that are very popular and frequently booked. Bestsellers can change while classics are tours that have always been the same. As the word bestseller suggests, they are trips that are currently "selling best”.

Of course, a bestseller 20 years ago was a different trip than the bestseller today because trends in tourism and tourist destinations keep changing. By choosing a bestseller or even a classic, you can rest assured that you will never go wrong with your choice of trip.

Panoramic view of moor of Rannoch
Hiking at Buachaille Etive Mor

Popular classics

One of our walking bestsellers is the legendary Scottish West Highland Way, which takes you through mystical moorland and across the rugged Highlands. You enjoy the views of the mountains Ben Lui and Ben Nevis, walk along Loch Lomond, which has even been musically memorialised, northwards to Fort William. Your luggage will be waiting for you each evening in your pre-booked accommodation.

Is it the waltz sounds of the ... "beautiful blue Danube"? The Danube Cycle Route is and remains a bestseller with "bike and ship". You are active and on the way by ship to cultural highlights such as Baroque Schärding, the modern museums in Upper Austria's capital Linz, Melk Monastery and the capital Vienna. And the famous Austrian cuisine must not be missed here either: Palatschinken and Tafelspitz will no longer be foreign words to you after this trip.

On the road with the family

Eurotrek has also been offering tours for families for years. How about the family bike tour Holland. Flat terrain and the sea as a bathing place are ideal conditions for cycling holidays with children and kids.

Feel a bit like the first settlers in the Wild West: The active offer around the covered wagons in the Jura has been a hit with families for many years. Although there is no question of "racing" here. On the road with 1 hp, you discover the region in the Swiss Jura from a completely different perspective.

Our bestsellers


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